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Imperium Investments - Development of corporate website

Development of corporate website

The developer company Imperium Investments has been working in the real estate market of Great Britain for more than 25 years. The company has proved itself as a reliable partner, following principles of openness, transparency, and innovation. The company’s reputation has been built exclusively offline for years, but the modern world demands the presence of any business in the digital environment.

Imperium Investments approached us to create a business card for their company online, but since the company has no stylistic attributes, our work has not been limited only to the development of a corporate site.

Web design & Development

Digital Strategy & Promo

Imperium Investments - Development of corporate website


Creation of the identity and visual style for the development company Imperium Investments, which envisaged development of logo, selection of fonts, definition of colour and visual elements that will reproduce the mission and goals of the company. Creation of semantics kernel. Since the company did not have its own website, and its presence in the online environment was situational, so we developed the website in close cooperation with SEO-specialists.

Development of the structure and visual style of the corporate website of the company.

Imperium Investments - Development of corporate website


Imperium Investments is a company that cares about its reputation and clearly follows certain principles and goals, and it is constantly engaged in charity and support of socially responsible objects. Following such a portrait of a client, we have developed a lightweight website with a clear structure of information to concentrate users' attention on the content rather than packaging.

Imperium Investments - Development of corporate website

By combining restrained minimalism and a few shades of blue, associated with stability, intelligence and pure intentions, we have been able to visually reproduce the essence of the company's activity.