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Julia Chulska - DESIGN MATTERS


Julia Chulska Design and Architecture Studio

Who among us hasn't done renovations? Pfft!!! Everyone has! And who's finished?

“Renovation can't be finished - it just can be suspended!” - someone smart.

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Julia Chulska - DESIGN MATTERS
Julia Chulska - DESIGN MATTERS

Julia Chulska of Design and Architecture Studio has been finishing renovations for 10 years. And it starts with project conception, interior design, selection of modern environmentally friendly materials and working out the details.

A phone plug should always be by the bed, not under the nightstand in the opposite corner of the room.

It would seem to be a dream. But not everyone thinks so. Simply because they know nothing about Julia and her team.

We decided to change that.

After talking to dozens of our clients, we framed for ourselves the main value of interior design.

Design is not about pretty pictures or square meters. The home is not about the size. The home is the emotion it evokes and the role it will play.

After all, when you have a party, the house turns into a bar. When the kids play with a ball, the house is a soccer field. When your partners come by or you just need to work all day - it is your office.

Design by Julia Chulska is an interior that can play a different role in different situations. It is measured not by meters, but by the lifestyle, personality and habits of the owners.

Design is an actor, it plays a role! Which one – you decide!

That`s how our creative idea was born, which we implemented with the help of identity, website, commercial and digital communication.

We based the communication on an honest and close to real life message about how our home space is transformed depending on the purpose and function it serves.

And we proclaimed the manifesto of the function, which reminded why the interior design exists.

By the way, Julia herself did the voice-over for the video.

From the first days of launching the advertising campaign, we felt we hit the mark with our insight. At a time when, because of lockdown and remote work, the home had taken on many different roles at once - our video, in which Julie's voice read the feature manifesto, hit the very heart.

And so the first orders began to come to the studio immediately through messages in social networks.

“Hello. I want to thank you for your advertising) It appeared on YouTube today, I was even touched - very warm and sincere. My compliments to the authors!”

Design matters Design matters
We believe that if they thank us for advertising, it means that everything will work out for sure!


The number of projects per month increased by 3 times
The average footage of the object increased by 88%
The income of the studio increased many times :)

So, in order not to let her clients down, Julia turned off the ads and we were left without work)