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Finaport - Easy, affordable and stylish about investments

Easy, affordable and stylish about investments

They say beauty is in simplicity. But how to be those who are about complexity? Finance, banking, and investment are always associated with something masculine, difficult and obscure. In the case of website development for Finaport, we decided to break down these stereotypes and show that serious and complex topics are available to everyone if the information is presented correctly and structured.

Web design & Development

Finaport is an independent Swiss company that manages assets, advises on investments and provides investment banking services such as IPO advices and direct investment consultations. The company appeals to our agency to develop a convenient, informative corporate site.

Finaport - Easy, affordable and stylish about investments


Create a stylish website design that will visually reproduce the company’s mission, values and corporate culture.

Structure a large amount of information on the platform so that the clients can easily find answers to their questions.

Develop a convenient mobile version of the website.


The main problem we encountered at the site development stage was the large amount of information that required proper packaging. Cash management is a complex process that requires a high level of expertise, focus, and attention. However, the client who comes to the company, at a glance, needs to ensure its ecology and professionalism. Nothing affects it like the availability of company information. The corporate website is a calling card that should interest, explain and help to make the right choice.

Finaport - Easy, affordable and stylish about investments

For Finaport, we have developed 11 information modules, which step by step bring the client through the site, opening up opportunities and advantages of the company. In order to add the dynamic of the site, attract the user’s attention and keep it on the site as long as possible, we added interactive animation and video blocks.

The design of the website and its main elements are developed in light colours with a lot of "air" between the text information, so that it is easily perceived by the user.

We also added the ability to search for information in the header of the site to speed up the way of users. The search works in such a way that even in the case of a typo or word error, the algorithm searches for similar words on the site and gives all available information.

Finaport - Easy, affordable and stylish about investments

In order to make it easier for the client to modify and supplement the information on the site, we have developed an administrative control panel with dynamic fields. So you only need to select and enter the data you want, and add video or photo files if necessary.

As a result, we have created an easy and accessible corporate website, which not only facilitates the perception of serious information, but also pleases with its aesthetics and visual appeal.