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Digital as powerful as a car engine.

Or the case of how we increased the growth of MITSUBISHI MOTORS CORPORATION Ukraine macro-conversions by 27% for 3 months.

Web design & Development

Digital as powerful as a car engine.

MITSUBISHI MOTORS CORPORATION is the official distributor of Mitsubishi vehicles represented in all regions of Ukraine by 27 official dealers. It is impossible to effectively manage a large business ecosystem and create a positive customer experience without the well-chosen digital tools.

Implementation of ERP and CRM systems, comprehensive analytics and automation at all levels of a company organizational structure - is the must-have of modern enterprise. In the words of the classics, if your business is not online, it's not there at all.

In this process, our team's task was to create a digital platform for MITSUBISHI MOTORS, which would unite a distributor and 27 dealers into one, as well as would perform the following tasks:

  • would satisfy all requests of potential clients on the selection and purchase of a new car. And we know that the path of a user, when choosing a car online, begins with the distributor's site and ends at the dealer's site;
  • standardizes the appearance and functionality of all dealer sites and minimizes the resource required to administer them.
Digital as powerful as a car engine.

We have already faced the first task more than once, having the experience of cooperation with 22 car brands. Our team has an excellent understanding of how users behave and what they need at each stage of decision-making. By the way, in this niche, the period from first touch to purchase lasts on average 88 days.

The second task became a kind of challenge for us. And here's why.

Each dealer site is an independent and autonomous resource with its own analytics and its own promo. Therefore, to build them on subdomains would mean to limit the possibility of promotion, especially locally in the regions, which is so fond of Google. On the other hand, small dealers may not have enough resources to administer the site, and it is so important to ensure a uniform style of content for everybody.

Digital as powerful as a car engine.

1. We have developed a digital platform that automatically distributes content and all updates from the distributor's site to independent dealer sites. While leaving the possibility for them to make any changes and design pages.

2. We made site administration easier than lego, using elements of the admin panel in the form of widgets. And an infinite number of pages can be assembled from the units pre-installed and shaped by the designer, just like a construction set. This significantly saves the company's internal resource and does not require agency support.

As for the technical part:
  • We set up two-way data exchange with ERP and CRM systems. This allows to know the availability and configuration of cars in Ukraine as a whole and in the context of each region. Also, the buyer can see information from dealers, current prices and their special offers.
  • We implemented a convenient service appointment form, where the car owner only indicates registration number and desired date, and the site recommends the nearest service center and the best time. By the way, it will also immediately build a route via a handy navigator.
  • We have developed a loan calculator, where future car owners can choose the amount of first installment, the loan term and the bank with which they want to cooperate.
  • We additionally presented a catalog of accessories and professional advice starting from car maintenance experts to the tips on driving and travel equipment.


It has been three months since we launched the upgraded site, and the initial results in Google Analytics show an average increase of 27% in macro conversions for auto sales related to major site events and lead-generating buttons.
We managed to create a really smart platform that simplifies life, minimizes costs, implements ideas and helps to design new things without too much hassle. Here it is - digital space!